Initial Examination & Treatment

Complete Infertility Evaluation

We conduct fertility tests for both men and women. Semen analysis, sperm count observation, and their movement are examined. The ovulation cycle is checked through blood tests and hormone checks.


Psychological Support & Counseling

We help the couples who cope with the problem of infertility and a childless life. The experts talk extensively about all the possible medical measure that can be taken by the couple to combat infertility.

Ovarian Stimulation

This process involves the admission of fertility drugs that help the ovaries produce multiple eggs. This is done so that they can be later retrieved from the patient and fertilized.

Intra-Uterine Insemination

Popularly known as Artificial Insemination, this method of fertilization involved insertion of semen into the uterus with the help of a needle-less syringe or a catheter. This is the most opted process of fertilization when the patient is ovulating.

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