Can Endometriosis Lead to Trouble Conceiving?

Can Endometriosis Lead to Trouble Conceiving?


When similar tissue that lines the womb is found outside the womb is medically termed endometriosis.This tissue may develop in the pelvic organs or grow beyond that, such as space between the womb and the rectum/bladder, intestines, cervix. It’s a painful disorder, which can lead to fertility issues in women.  

Endometrial tissue growing outside the uterus/womb cannot shed during every menstrual cycle similar to the healthy endometrial tissue. Pelvic pain is the very first sign and then the next symptom is infertility or trouble conceiving. You might seek medical attention from one of the leading fertility doctors at the top test tube baby center in Siliguri.


Signs and Symptoms

  • Painful menstrual cramps/pelvic pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Painful urination/difficulty urinating/ painful bowel movements
  • Abdominal pain during or between periods
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Difficulty conceiving

Make sure you consult a doctor, modify your diet plan, and practice walking/workouts (moderate) to fight the severity of the condition. It’s a chronic/long-term health condition, which might result in chronic pelvic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating during periods, et al.

Since almost every health condition involves risk factors, endometriosis is an exception. Factors that increase the likelihood of this disease are retrograde menstruation, menopause at an older age, menstruation at an early age, never giving birth, low body mass index, family history of endometriosis in first-degree relatives, higher levels of estrogen hormones in the body, etc.

The pain that occurs due to endometriosis is generally associated with adhesions, fibroids, and excessive inflammation. This pain is felt in the abdomen, lower back, pelvic region, etc. Visit your gynecologist if you experience such pain or symptoms as discussed above. Visit the best IVF center in Siliguri for fertility treatments if you’re looking for fertility care and pregnancy.

Insights into Endometriosis and Fertility

Infertility or impaired fertility in women is the main complication of untreated or undiagnosed endometriosis. In order to get pregnant, the ovaries must release eggs. Then the egg has to travel through the fallopian tube so as to get fertilized by sperm. And then the egg has to attach itself to the uterine wall to grow.

Some one-third of one-half women with this medical condition experience trouble conceiving. But endometriosis impairs/blocks the fallopian tube, damages the egg, and causes tissue scarring, which in turn, prevents pregnancy. However, with mild endometriosis, many women can achieve pregnancy.


Medications, hormone therapy, conservative surgery, hysterectomy with/with the removal of the ovaries, etc. are some effective treatment options for endometriosis. Women/couples looking for pregnancy can receive fertility treatment, such as fertility meds, In vitro fertilization, etc. Talk to the most trusted Siliguri IVF doctor.

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