Decreasing Fertility: Age Is Just Not A Number

Decreasing Fertility: Age Is Just Not A Number


You must have heard that as compared to the older days, there has been a rise in the graph of the infertility. According to the experts and professionals, based on a survey and on comparing the parameters, with the increase in age, the infertility rates have also seen a rise. Therefore, when it comes to infertility, age plays a major role in determining the fertile health of an individual. The best IVF centre in Siliguri explains the factors and reasons that how advancing age can affect the fertility.

How is increasing age, a factor in decreasing fertility?

In this fast and forward world with new inventions and tech savvy atmosphere, this has resulted a rise in career- oriented individuals. The people have delayed their family planning as they need to focus on their career. Not only this, the fast life also involves an unhealthy lifestyle. The culture has made people busy and lack of time to focus on their health.

Why is the infertility affected with increasing age?

You must be wondering how can your advancing age cause a decline in your fertility? Well the connection quite direct and indirect at the same time. In addition, this not only affects the women but also in males.

  • While the best IVF centre in Siliguri says, a man produces sperm throughout their lifestyle but the quality and quantity can deplete as the man ages. Therefore, the statement that advancing age is not a problem for male infertility, is a myth.
  • A woman is born with a limited number of eggs. It keeps on diminishing with increasing age of the women. Therefore, the decreased count of eggs can lead to infertility issues and problems getting pregnant.
  • Not only the quantity, but with the mismanagement of routine that affects the lifestyle and overall health, the quality of the eggs also depletes causing problems in conceiving.
  • For both women and men, the culture and work life demand a certain kind of lifestyle. The parties and gatherings include alcohol and cigarettes, and as you age, these start to show their effect in the bodies and hence their reproductive health.
  • Many couples delay their family planning as today’s world is more career-centric. For that reason, some couples get involved in birth controls. The women must not take any birth control without a doctor’s advice.

According to the best IVF centre in Siliguri, the best age to conceive for women is between 23-30, and for men is between 25-35. However, pregnancy is also possible after that. Despite the parameters and control measures, infertility still can be caused due to genetic and medical factors. In such cases, you must immediately consult the best fertility specialist in town. There are many treatments for every infertility factor.

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