Difference between ICSI and IVF

Difference between ICSI and IVF


ICSI and IVF are the two most preferred options when one is dealing with the cases of infertility. Where infertility is a very important issue that should be looked upon with a lot of expertise, there are few vital things about this issue that should be known to all. Infertility is caused by numerous factors which are unknown to the general public. Proper awareness about this issue will lead to better solution for all. There are a lot of clinics that deals with IVF in Siliguri. Some of these specialize in these two different procedures separately. For a better understanding, this article will guide you with the basic concept of ICSI and IVF.

What are ICSI and IVF?

ICSI and IVF are the different approaches towards the same ailment for artificial fertilisation. Artificial fertilisation is preferred by those couples who cannot conceive naturally or has gone through some medical procedures in the past that is stopping them from getting pregnant. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is very much similar to the In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), only that the process of achieving fertilisation is different.

ICSI is a totally laboratory based procedure where a single sperm is injected directly to the egg that is extracted from the female counterpart. This is done on a glass plate, using a glass needle. For the males who has a limited sperm count or the mobility of the sperm is not in balance, ICSI can be a good solution to infertility.

IVF on the other hand, is a similar procedure but requires a lot more amount of motile sperm that is extracted from the semen sample and left overnight in a glass vessel to get fertilized. In both these scenarios the embryo that gets made out of this procedure, is then injected to the womb of the mother through a fine catheter. As complex as it sounds this procedure generally requires a lot of trial and error to get to exact result.

Which is the most preferred one between the two?

The most successful one between the procedures one id generally considered to IVF. ICSI cases have around 50-80 percent success rates all over the world. Experts performing ICSI and IVF in Siliguri are highly professional and experienced in this sector.

The ones who are looking for quick solution to infertility must consult a proper IVF specialist that is there in town. This can be a bit time taking as the doctors study the entire background of their clients in vivid details. However, you need not worry about it as your case is going be completely different than others. Therefore, patience and resilience will lead to better results. An IVF in Siliguri has good records set over the past few years now. So don’t panic and go for it!

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