Fibs & Facts – Male Infertility Today

Fibs & Facts – Male Infertility Today


The fact that one has to mention “male factor” in infertility particularly as it needs the highlight in the present day. The taboo of shaming men who are dealing with infertility is a long process from the past. The best centre for IVF in Siliguri busts some of the fibs that have been spoken and believed for male infertility.

Breaking the Silence

Myth: Age doesn’t affect male fertility

Fact:the standard of men’s sperm does decreases with age. While women’s age is extremely important for fertility and is talked about the foremost, men’s age also matters. The typical time to pregnancy if a person is under 25 is simply over four and a half months but nearly two years if a person is over 40. There's a five-fold increase within the time it takes to urge pregnant if the person is over 45.

Myth: Male infertility is genetic

Fact:Male infertility isn't passed down genetically. However, there are often some hereditary conditions which will cause infertility. These conditions are chromosomal conditions which will affect sperm production like Klinefelter’s syndrome, Y chromosome deletions and other genetic problems, like mongolism.

Myth: Cycling also affects men’s fertility

Fact:There are no strong data to support the thought that cycling is bad for fertility. Many studies have been conducted with extreme variables like lumbering two-plus hours each day on rocky terrain with narrow bike seats found that men who cycle may experience more infertility than others. However, for a traditional cyclist with a daily bike seat, cycling is perfectly fine.

Myth: Hot tubs and saunas affect fertility

Fact:Exposure to high temperatures, like in hot tubs, hot baths or saunas can cause the temperature of the testes to become too hot. this will kill sperm and lower sperm count. However, this effect is merely temporary, and counts will return to normal once the recent tub is avoided.

Myth: Briefs should be avoided

Fact:there's no scientific evidence that briefs can cause infertility in men. the idea that fuels this myth is that the concern that briefs can squeeze genitals or cause the scrotal temperature to become too hot. It’s okay to wear whatever is comfortable.

Myth: Stress doesn't affect fertility

Fact:Being conquered with stress and not taking responsibility for yourself can affect sperm condition. Stress in men can cause the discharge of glucocorticoids — steroid hormones that affect the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins — which could reduce testosterone levels and sperm production. Infertility is often stressful, so try managing your stress by relaxing or participating in activities that you simply enjoy.

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