PGT-A For The Improvement Of IVF Treatment

PGT-A For The Improvement Of IVF Treatment


Genetic testing is the testing procedure used during IVF treatment for identifying the chromosome structure. This testing process can also measure the result of the genetic changes seen in the patient. If you are the one struggling with the problem of infertility and willing to go with the IVF process at the best IVF centre in Siliguri then, your respective fertility expert may recommend you to look at your embryos chromosomes. With the addition of other procedure, the testing helps to choose the embryos that have the number of chromosomes needed for fertilization. However, many evidences have also shown that testing doesn't improve pregnancy.

Aneuploidy and Use of PGT-A

There are altogether 46 chromosomes in the human cells and aneuploidy is the certain condition seen in the infertile patients which indicates that there are either less than 46 or more than 46 different chromosomes. The chromosomal condition is well known through this and aneuploidies can be the biggest cause of miscarriage and complete failure of pregnancy as well.

The more chances of aneuploidy increase with the age of the women and by the age of 40, her 80 percent embryos already turn into aneuploid. Once the aneuploidy is identified, PGT-A can be use to discard it and help in producing healthy embryos for a successful pregnancy.

PGT-A allows the women to produce several eggs who are on the fertility drugs and once the eggs are matured, they are retrieved and mixed with the sperm for creating embryos. Yes, PGT-A will not correct your chromosomal abnormal embryos but don't forget it will help you in avoiding the transfer.

Who needs PGT-A and does it work?

The issue of abnormal chromosome can be dangerous and be the cause of other infertility issues therefore, a quick analyzing test or treatment can give a huge relief to the couples. The best IVF centre in Siliguri recommends PGT-A to the women who are over the age of 35. This test should not be ignored if the couples are willing to have a new baby. PGT-A is also highly suggested to the ones who had a repeated miscarriage and failed IVF treatment history. It is believed that this type of candidate is in more risks of producing aneuploid embryos.

Over the years genetic testing has given several positive results and changed the issues of chromosomes, so it clearly depends on the choice that the couples make. It is always suggested to consult and discuss with the experts about the testing that helps in knowing the pros and cons of the procedure. 

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