Take Care Of Your Reproductive Health

Take Care Of Your Reproductive Health


Did you know just by changing some lifestyle factors, you could protect your fertility? In the present day, where we follow a hectic routine, we tend to neglect our physiological health. With the fast-forward and changing lifestyle, reproductive health is getting the most affected. You might not be aware but your day-to-day activities could be the cause of inability to conceive. Are you planning a baby in the coming year or months? Are you facing difficulties? There could be some problem in your reproductive health. Consult the best test tube baby centre in Siliguri for solutions. Meanwhile, you can take care of your reproductive health at home.

Taking care of your reproductive health

There is some preventive as well as cautionary measures that to ensure healthy reproductive life.

Keep a track of your menstrual cycle

Is your cycle late or little too early? Are you bleeding a lot or too less? You must keep a track of your menstruation. Any irregularities in the monthly cycle can mean an indication of the problem in your reproductive health and fertility. Any problems in the menstruation can also direct towards ovulatory disorders or severe conditions. You must get yourself a check up immediately in case of irregular, painful or missed periods.

Keep a check on your birth control

While some birth controls are prescribed by the doctor, there are might be some that you might be taking on your own. You should be careful of the medications and make sure that the medicines you take is free of side effects. Be extra careful with medicines and birth control especially when you are at a reproductive age and planning to conceive.

Keep your genital hygiene clean 

The hygiene plays a major role in managing and preventing infections. Do not use any chemicals or such products and keep a good hygiene of your reproductive organs.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water and maintaining the water level is always a good idea. Dehydration can cause several problems like yeast and fungal infections. It can lead to complications of the urogenital tract. Consult the best test tube baby centre in Siliguri for more information on infertility due to infections of the reproductive tract.

Protected sexual intercourse

If you are not planning a pregnancy, then you and your partner must encourage the protected intercourse as it prevents a lot of infections, allergies and sexually transmitted diseases.

A healthy lifestyle

What you eat and how you live in a day matters a lot to the reproductive health as poor lifestyle like smoking, sleeping ate, lot of screen time, junk food and alcoholism has a great affect on the reproductive organs and system.

Therefore, to refrain from the unnecessary problems in your happy married life, the best test tube baby centre in Siliguri suggests that you must start taking care of your health to ensure the health of your baby.

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