Tests And Diagnosis Done Before Conducting An IVF

Tests And Diagnosis Done Before Conducting An IVF


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a procedure that is opted by the individuals who cannot conceive naturally or has some complications due to medical reasons.  However, nowadays IVF has become such a popular and safe mode of childbirth that even normal couples are choosing to go for IVF. In this process, the doctors do a regular checkup on the client’s medical history and background and conduct the technique with more than 80% success rate. These tests and diagnosis are quite important for a successful childbirth. The IVF in North Bengal has advanced its hold on this filed in a very fast pace in the recent years. In this article you are going to get a brief knowledge about the tests that are conducted before the IVF is done.

Following are the types of tests that are done before IVF

Ovarian reserve testing

This particular kind of test includes majorly three types of different hormonal test. These hormonal tests are done to identify the productivity and the count of eggs in a woman’s body. After a certain age, women seem to release lesser eggs than usual. These tests are FSH, AMH, and Estradiol. AMH indicates the numbers of eggs that is remaining, FSH indicates a reduce in the ovarian reserve which might affect the efficiency of IVF in the body.

Tubal Patency test

As normal ultrasound test does not give a clear view of the condition of the uterus and the fallopian tube, it becomes difficult for the doctors to indentify the exact condition that they are in. If the fallopian tube is somehow blocked or damaged, and the uterus is also affected then extraction of eggs or even pregnancy might not work. That is why a special agent which looks like tube is inserted into the uterus so that the doctor gets a clear understanding of the conditions and decides whether the organs are operational for IVF or not.

Semen evaluation

This is one of the most important tests out of all others that are conducted on both the male and the female. Semen evaluation is also very important as it determines the quality of the sperm cell that is going to be used in the IVF. The IVF in North Bengal has improved its technology as to test these important aspects in a very efficient way. In this test the motility, shape and the concentration of the sperm cells are examined.

Digital High magnification

Digital High magnification is a process of extracting the semen that is the healthiest and the best one that is there.

Conducting an IVF in North Bengal is thus a very complex and a lengthy process which highlights the fact the tests and diagnosis lead to a higher success rate in childbirth.

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