Tips For a Stress-Free Two-Week Wait

Tips For a Stress-Free Two-Week Wait


During the process of IVF, a two-week wait is the most difficult part. After the embryo transfer stage, the women have to wait for at least 2 weeks to know whether the implantation is successful or not. It is a period of anxiety, stress and lower vibrations.

Therefore, here are some tips that could dissolve the anxiety and nervousness of your mind and body.

Avoid overthinking about the symptoms

First, you would like to recollect that you simply have just undergone serious stimulation of your ovaries and are probably still taking various hormones. Your body has just been through egg retrieval, and it’s getting to take a while to feel normal again. Sometimes the twinges, cramps, and soreness you're feeling are regular. Trying to read into every signal from your body will only contribute to your anxiety and stress and it's almost impossible at this stage to work out if these are pregnancy symptoms, PMS, or the extra hormones. PMS and symptoms of early pregnancy are almost similar. Consult the best IVF centre in Siliguri in case of some major symptoms.

Avoid obsessing on the web

With literally hundreds and thousands of articles abound on the web it's easy to urge trapped on reading everything which may be associated with you. The information in the internet might be misleading sometimes.

Seek support

Whatever support works best for you. It might be a talk therapist, counsellor or even your peer. It's important to take help of people to prop you up through the tough times also because of the good times. You could also visit your doctor from the best IVF centre in Siliguri.

The right kind of social media scrolling

Check your emotional balance before you go lurk through the social media. A friend’s pregnancy news might make you anxious or stressed. Therefore, work on your mental preparation first.

Keep yourself engaged

Although, it is difficult to get the pregnancy off your mind, but this might be the best time to involve in your hobbies. It does not only distract your mid but also increases your happy hormones. The goal is to seek out something you enjoy, that creates you are feeling good and keeps your mind occupied.

Practise relaxation techniques

If you'd wish to learn relaxation techniques it's best to possess acquired the skill before you're in an anxious state. Most of the women find that meditation, yoga, deep breathing, visualisations, acupuncture, or setting daily intentions work for them.

Avoid early and repeated pregnancy tests

It is best to attend for an acceptable time to check and avoid early or repeated testing. The fertility specialists at IVF centre in Siliguri will inform you of the right day for the test.

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