Preserving All Your Options Eggs Embryos and sperms

Preserving All Your Options Eggs Embryos and sperms


In today’s world, many people are comfortable with having kids later in their life. They might want to complete their education or might want to travel before taking the responsibility of kids. But what concerns them is with the body clock ticking away, their reproductive systems are ageing. In some cases, people have to go through certain treatments which might have an adverse effect on their fertility. Whatever the reason may be, medical science has options of preserving your fertility so that you can have a baby whenever you are ready for it. You can freeze eggs, sperms and embryos.

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1. Should one freeze eggs sperms or embryos?
2. Egg freezing for women
3. Sperm freezing for men
4. Embryo freezing for VF patients
5. How is the freezing done?
6. Ramkrishna IVF

Should one freeze eggs sperms or embryos?

This entirely depends on your situation. Each method can be helpful for the right patient.

Egg freezing for women

When a girl child is born, her ovaries already contain all the eggs she will have for her whole life. New eggs are not produced by the body after birth. A female body loses eggs every month. Hence, the number of eggs decreases with age. Now if she decides to become a mother at an older age, she might opt for freezing of eggs. This will help her become a mother whenever she desires to. This option is also viable for women suffering from cancer because radiation and chemotherapy tend to affect infertility.

Sperm freezing in men

Male testicles produce new sperm constantly. However, if his sperm count is low or if he has an ejaculation problem, he might consider freezing his healthy sperm samples for later use. Men with occupations that put them in conditions that can cause sterility may also want to freeze their sperm. This option is also beneficial for men undergoing
• Cancer therapies
• Vasectomy
• Prostate surgery
• Testicular surgery

Embryo freezing for VF patients

When an egg is fertilized by sperm, it develops into an embryo. In vitro fertilization (IVF) produces embryos that can be frozen for use at a future date during treatment known as frozen embryo transfer.

How is freezing done?

If you want to freeze eggs, sperms and embryos, you will have to go to a fertility clinic, where they will sample eggs and sperm. After the samples are collected and/or the embryo is created, these are frozen by means of a process called vitrification.

Ramkrishna IVF clinic

Ramkrishna IVF clinic has a team of expert doctors who are always ready to guide you with the option suitable best for your situation. It is a first-class medical facility whose team knows best how to freeze eggs, sperms and embryos.

Parenthood is a blessing and one should go for it only when he/she is ready for it.

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