frequently asked questions

What is Infertility?

Infertility is generally a medical condition that is concerned with the defects in the reproductive system. If a couple is sexually active since a year and still are unable to conceive a child within this period, it can be clearly indicated that one among the two partners is suffering from the problem of infertility.

What are the causes of Infertility?

One of the leading causes of infertility is age. With the onset of time, women tend to lose their capability to conceive as the quality of their fertility starts to degrade. They are the most fertile during their early twenties. But once they are over 35, problems related to infertility becomes frequent.

Do young women suffer from infertility?

Yes. Often, due to poor lifestyle habits like smoking & drinking, or several physical factors like obesity, women fail to conceive a child or suffer from incidences like miscarriages, where the mother’s body becomes unable to nourish the fetus.

What are the early symptoms of infertility?

A majority of men and women fail to detect any symptoms of infertility since there are hardly any. The only way many couples discover about this condition is when they try to conceive and fail. Hence, it is highly advisable for every couple to run for a series of simple tests that can help diagnose infertility at an early stage.

Does Infertility affect women only?

No. It is a condition that affects the males too, where factors like sperm health, motility, mobility, color and compositions play a big part in determining the fertility of a male. The conditions can often be genetic or hereditary, but can be comprehensively treated with the help of experts.

Can my regular gynecologist treat my infertility?

No. Gynecologists do not perform highly advanced treatments like In-Vitro Fertilization & Artificial Insemination. These procedures involve cell-level treatments, where singular male and female reproductive cells are fertilized and cultured in exclusive fertility labs & preserved in sub-zero temperatures.

Do infertile couples need counseling?

Yes. Most couples do. The inability to conceive even after trying for a year often leaves the couples frustrated and helpless. Further incidences like miscarriages or inability to stay pregnant even after successful conceiving exposes the couple to a lot of trauma & sense of incompleteness in their lives. Hence, psychological counseling and therapy often helps.