Shila Chowdhary

Ramkrishna IVF is affordable and was a savior for me. I am 37 and had no hopes to become a mother after two miscarriages. Thanks to them I am a mother of a healthy toddler now. I recommend them to every couple out there struggling to get pregnant.

Shila ChowdharyOn - 22 Feb, 2018
Rajiv Tamang

With the help of treatments like PESA made available in Siliguri by Ramkrishna IVF, my wife and I were able to have a baby of our own. And we thanks Ramkrishna IVF for it.

Rajiv TamangOn - 21 Feb, 2018
Rashmi Goyal

Due to my infertility, we decided to opt for a donator. Ramkrishna IVF helped us with the arrangement of a female donator after which, I was able to conceive through Artificial Insemination. Life has been better since then and now we are a happy family of three.

Rashmi GoyalOn - 1 Feb, 2018
Sunaina Sethia

I went to Ramkrishna IVF for counseling sessions since I was unable to stay pregnant since almost a year. After several tests, they were able to pin point the problem in my fallopian tubes. It is easier to decide a treatment once the problem is located. My infertility was cured and I am a happy mother of a 1 year old now. We had lost all of our hopes but with Ramkrishna IVF, it was worth trying.

Sunaina SethiaOn - 24 Nov, 2017